Thankful Thursdays in November

Beautiful November is here. Officially I like to think this is the beginning of the holiday season. I live in California so the change in seasons isn’t as prevalent in these parts. But I must say I am very much so thankful to be here. This is my home and for what ever reason I feel safe here. The population is getting a bit over crowded and air quality can sometimes be miserable but this is home to me. So many memories.

October flew by, it seems faster then a blink of an eye. It’s been a year since we moved to California. The hubs and I tried to make the most of it without our children this year. We managed to squeeze in some October fun anyway between our crazy work schedule.

The month started with one of my favorite times of the years. General Conference weekend is a wonderful time for me to take in a plethora of spiritual insight. Messages that lift me and build my spiritual well-being. I spend the next several months relistening and rereading, taking in as much as possible from the guidance offered from our spiritual leaders.

About mid October, I was blessed with the weekend off . We woke up to the annual parade down our street. So happy I didn’t miss that. I love parades.

So the rest of that day I was beyond happy. Since the hubs managed to get off too, I wanted to take him out on an adventure. I knew just the place. I was just worried that it would be a bit far but I thought, oh heck with it, it’s a worth while adventure and it proved to defenitely be just that. The hubs and I went venturing an hour away to the east to a pumpkin patch just past Redlands. There was a huge corn maze we got lost in finding dead end after dead end. When we finally decided to find the way out we were starving. I got a roasted corn cob and hubs got a taco. I love taking him around exploring my California. We have so much fun, we are just like little kids.

Yummy treats to work for sharing.

I had to work the weekend before Halloween and so I missed all the other festivities but I tried to the make the most of it by taking decorations to work. Everyone loved them even though they were cheap dollar store trinket. On Halloween I was the closer so I told my peeps to dress up and let’s have some fun and that’s what we did.


To end this first Thankful Post I have to say I am very thankful for a wonderful October 2017.

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