Moving on to November…

But first a little memory from October.

This little cute mummy bear caught my eye on the way to work one day and the inner child in me shrieked with excitement. I got it in my head that I just had to have that bear? The adult in me was throwing all practicality into the mix such as, “That would just be a piece of clutter to try to find space for in our small apartment,” and, “Absolutely not! No need for such things…”. As I pouted my way in to work I couldn’t help but think this little bear is so cute to me and I just want it.

I showed the hubs and he said it was not cute enough to get. He said it would be so much better to get a plain bear and wrap him up in gauze ourselves. LOL!

He didn’t say I couldn’t get it….

So we went and made a baby…

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